About Me

DJ Tisdale

DJing at Club Potreros.

I’m a DJ and controllerist who mixes house, dubstep, hardcore (and more) out of the Austin, TX area.


Why I started DJing

I’ve always loved music but it wasn’t until later in my life that I finally decided to start DJing. Growing up I mostly listened to grunge, punk, and various other rock genres.

When I was around 15 years old a friend introduced me to Daft Punk and I fell in love with EDM. Although Daft Punk helped seat my love for electronic music it wasn’t until I heard their album “Alive” that I started thinking about taking up DJing. Even now I find the album an amazing piece of production and DJing.

A few years after I was introduced to EDM I started watching videos by DJ Cotts, DJ Ravine, and Ean Golden. Watching these three perform is what finally convinced me DJing was something I wanted to try out so I bought myself a MIDI controller and started learning to mix. Turns out I made the right decision as I’ve been mixing since then! My only regret is that I waited all those years to finally start. I guess I will just have to make up for the time lost!



One of the people who heavily influenced my DJing methods is the DJ and controllerist, Ean Golden. Ean was one of the people who inspired me to start DJing and many of the skills I use I learned by observing him mix. Other influences include DJ Cotts and DJ Ravine who sparked my interest in Hard Dance genres such as Hardcore.


Current Affairs

I’ve been working on establishing myself in the Austin, TX scene, started a website, and working on doing regular mixes. I’ve also been sharpening my basic mixing skills (never can be too good!) while perfecting other techniques such as beat juggling and advanced effects manipulation that will allow me to transform music into something new.If you would be interesting in booking me for a party, club, or other venue then you can find more info here.