A Lesson Learned the Hard Way

Traktor, Why you no make sound?!

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So it’s 3:59 P.M and I’m getting ready to hit the broadcast button to start sending a stream to Nordrassil Radio. I’m confident the début of Core on the Floor is about to go off without a hitch. I double checked my gear the night before and everything was working without issue. I cue up the first track, hit the button to start broadcasting, and… the levels on the Shoutcast server don’t move a bit.


After what felt like thirty of the longest minutes in my life I finally determined that Winamp wasn’t working properly with ASIO drivers (A low latency sound driver) which was causing the issue (I have further technical info at the end of this post). This wasn’t caught the night before since I tested the setup without being hooked up to my audio equipment. To overcome the issue I used another computer in the house to stream to the Shoutcast server and the show went on as expected (although a little late).

So what did this whole ordeal teach me? It doesn’t matter how many times you check your gear, you should still have a backup method. If I had another computer already setup then I could have started a playlist and had it prefaced with a message noting technical difficulties. Lesson learned!


Core on the Floor is on-air every Tuesday from 4 P.M till 5 P.M CDT so be sure to tune in


Technical info: Traktor has to use an intermediary when streaming to a Shoutcast server since it can only stream to Icecast. The intermediary in my case was Winamp tuned into a local Icecast server. Winamp’s Shoutcast DSP plugin is then used to re-stream to the Shoutcast server that will then broadcast to the end-user.


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